Weekend Reading 11/21/2010

Dividend Stocks 101: The Essential Guide
If you’re new to the site, check out this key resource.

There won’t be any new posts this upcoming week due to the Thanksgiving Holiday in the US. After this brief break, I’ll be posting again the following week.

Until then, here are some good articles for the week:

20 Things To Look At When Judging A Dividend Stock
The Intelligent Speculator covers a variety of important stock metrics for dividend-paying companies.

Analysis of Novartis
Defensiven analyzed Novartis, one of the top health care companies in the world. He states that the investment has higher risk but higher potential than Johnson and Johnson.

3M Dividend Stock Analysis
Dividend Pig analyzed 3M, and I agree with his conclusion.

Dividend Stock Value Rankings
Dynamic Dividends has a list of his 25 best values among dividend paying stocks. Check to see which company is number one this week.

How To Build A Socially Responsible Portfolio
The Dividend Guy talks about socially responsible investing.

23 Dividend Stocks Paying More Cash
Dividend growth is an important part of a dividend investment. Dividends Value showcases 23 companies that have recently raised their dividends.

How Much Do You Really Need To Retire?
Dividend Growth Investor discusses the amount needed to retire comfortable, and offers his opinion on why dividends provide such a good retirement situation. With a dividend portfolio of the proper size, one can live off of their portfolio indefinitely without reducing it (or perhaps even continuing to grow it).

The Great Credit Contraction
I like the visual of the upside pyramid in this guest post on Invest It Wisely.

Debt Free Is Not Enough
This article on Momvesting explains that being debt free does not mean you are financially free or in good shape (although it’s a good start). You’ve also got to build some assets!



  1. Thanks for mentioning my post; Hope you’re enjoying the Thanksgiving weekend!

  2. Thanks for the mention. :)

  3. Good one from Intelligent speculator (what a turnoff name for me..). I am writing on a ratio-guide myself. I also plan to add a margins-sector aswel as a ROA-sector in my analysis.

    Thanks for mentioning defensiven. Have a nice holiday!

  4. Thanks for the link!

  5. A nice collection of readings–well done.

    I also like seeing your portfolio. I just read a post on laddering CDs from another blogger. But I can’t honestly see the upside of doing that. I do the rebalancing with bonds, and that allows me to be greedy when others are fearful, but with CDs, it wouldn’t.

    Do you own bonds as well, or CDs? What do you think?

  6. Hi Andrew,

    I do own bonds. The portfolio I present here is my individual stock portfolio. In addition to that portfolio, I’ve got my retirement account with index funds and bonds. I do not own any CDs at this time.


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