The New Dividend Book is Available

I recently launched a book on dividend investing.

It’s called the Dividend Toolkit, and for the price of a book it includes both a PDF guide on efficient stock analysis, and the specific spreadsheet tool that I use to determine the fair value of a dividend stock.

More info can be found here. After the pre-launch, I have improved the subtitle of the book, although the content remains the same.

Weekend Reading

Here are several good reads for the week.

Elite Dividend Stocks
D4L provides his criteria for an elite dividend stock, and then gives several stocks that meet the requirements.

The “Live Off Dividends” Retirement Plan
Dividend Growth Investor discusses the importance of building inflation-resistant income streams that maintain and grow their purchasing power over time.

The Best Thing About Financial Independence: Choice
Dividend Mantra plans on retiring at 40 years old with a combination of a normal salary, frugal saving habits, and value/dividend investing.

Investing: Should You Ignore the Media?
Kanwal from Simply Investing discusses avoiding emotional media stories to focus on the facts. Personally, I think it’s important to stay mildly aware of global financial news, but for the most part, value/dividend investing doesn’t rely too heavily on trends: just buying defensive, diversified, and dominant companies at appealing prices.

Covered Call Strategy
Evan from My Journey to Millions is using a covered call strategy in his traditional IRA. I do it differently than Evan, but I sell puts and calls from time to time to enter or exit a position.

Dividend Income for August
The Passive Income Earner is now earning over $500/month in regular dividends.

How Many Dividend Stocks are Enough?
Mark from My Own Advisor discusses the optimal number of dividend stocks.

Thoughts on Marty Whitman Interview Part 1
Thoughts on Marty Whitman Interview Part 2
Mutual Fund Moron discusses Marty Whitman’s large stock fund declines and value investing approach.

Maximum Drawdown
Ken from the AAAMP Blog talks about controlling losses in a bear market, and shows how difficult it can be to recover from an unwisely built portfolio.

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  1. Thanks for the mention! I will start reading your ebook this week, very much looking forward to it!


  2. Thanks for the mention!

    Fantastic book. I’ll make sure to post up a review soon.

  3. For those who are interested, I have posted a review of the e-book on my blog:

  4. Thank you for the inclusion. I’ve got your New Dividend Book and it is excellent. I recommend it!


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  2. […] Dividend Monk released a very comprehensive Dividend Toolkit.  To say the least, this is an impressive guide I’ve just started to read and I hope to provide a review of this book that includes some strategies for efficient stock analysis and a spreadsheet the author uses, in another few weeks. […]

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