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I want to help you accelerate your financial independence.

The purpose of this site is to help you build wealth and passive income alongside your active income, and ultimately, to become financially free. More specifically, this site focuses on dividend growth investing, with other asset classes and indexes for support. For years, this site has provided new investors with a basis to get started building wealth, and has provided experienced investors with free stock analysis reports and quick ideas.

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In my view, there are two primary methods that are optimal to build wealth in equities for do-it-yourself investors:

1) Index Funds
The first method is to invest in a rebalanced index fund portfolio with domestic stocks, international stocks, and bonds. This could be a passively rebalanced portfolio, or a lifecycle fund. For optimization, I’d recommend rebalancing somewhat actively with the Shiller P/E in mind, but you can get solid returns even with a completely passive approach.

2) Index Funds + Value Stocks
Index funds are ideal for retirement accounts, and can be used for your complete portfolio if you’d like to be a hands-off investor and still get great returns. If for a variety of reasons you’d like to own individual stocks, either to retain your shareholder voting rights, or to be familiar with what you own, or to build a robust and consistently growing dividend income stream, then buying dividend stocks at appropriate valuations is another great method for casual investors. Complementing those dividend stocks with indexes for diversification is recommended.

About me:

I’m an engineer, an investor, a writer, and someone who lives lightly. I’ve been avidly investing for seven years now and use this site to share my research. I view money as a valuable resource which can help you achieve your goals and increase your options in life, whatever they may be. As a disclaimer, I’m not a chartered financial analyst or any sort of personalized investment adviser; I simply share my opinions from one individual investor, to other individual investors.

The research from this site has been featured on Seeking Alpha, Morningstar, The Daily Crux, The Motley Fool, Google Finance, Guru Focus, and The DIV-Net.

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-M. Alden

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