Dividend Stocks: The Essential Guide

Dividend StocksDividend stocks are one of the most powerful tools for building long-term wealth.

If you had enough passive income to perpetually support your expenses, and you could direct your creativity and passion to do what you want, how would you spend your time?

What kinds of active passions or active income streams would you build if your necessary expenses were already covered?

This site is about building wealth and becoming financially free, especially through dividend stocks, but also through index funds, bonds, and personal finance strategies. There is content here that is highly readable and accessible for new investors, as well as thorough stock reports on the best dividend stocks that are useful for experienced investors.

Overview on Investing in Companies that Pay Dividends:

This tutorial explains the concepts, strategies, and specifics of investing in dividend paying stocks to get new investors up to speed on this powerful investing strategy. If you’re new to investing, or you want to enhance your knowledge, this tutorial is the place to start.

Stock Dividends: The Basics
How to Grow your Dividend Income
Dividend Growth Investing 101
Dividends Vs. Share Repurchases
20 Quick Ways to Check a Company
How to Determine Intrinsic Stock Value
Using the Dividend Discount Model
How to Invest with a Margin of Safety
9 Steps to Build and Manage a Dividend Portfolio
High Dividend Stocks: Finding Safe High Yields

Information for Experienced Investors:

If you’re already experienced, there is a lot of information here for you as well. I produce reports on dividend stocks weekly to save you some time in your investing research. You should always seek multiple sources, but these reports are quite helpful, and are syndicated on multiple large financial sites.

Reports on the Best Dividend Stocks
MLPs: Master Limited Partnerships
My Personal Dividend Portfolio

Overall, long-term wealth building is about discipline, smart automation, and wise investing. Avoid consumerism, cut out the unnecessary noise, and focus on the facts and the opportunities.

A lot of people are looking to get rich quick, but a more reliable method is to build wealth at a moderately swift pace by increasing your income, saving aggressively, and investing smartly in dividend stocks, index funds, and other asset classes. It’s not just about frugality, and it’s not just about beating the market. It’s about increasing and diversifying your income and letting the psychology of money be your tailwind rather than your headwind. Build passive income alongside your active income to increase your wealth, independence, and security.

Whether you’re new or experienced, this site has provided good content for years that can improve your investing habits, save you time, and increase your wealth.

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