Weekend Reading and Poll Results

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I was looking through the keywords that people search for when they land on this site, and saw that a lot of people searched for “Dividend Monk Kinder Morgan” this month. I think I’m going to have to take the hint and do an analysis. I’ll save some of the suspense: I’m moderately bullish on KMP and very bullish on KMI. KMI is currently in my top three stocks I plan to add to my portfolio. I received an email request for an analysis of Teva Pharmaceuticals. Explicit and implicit requests are coming in and forming a backlog, so I haven’t gotten to Teva yet. MLP analysis articles and health care analysis articles always take the longest here anyway, which is probably why I’ve been putting these off.

Also, as a side note, it appears that this site will be hitting its one millionth page-view this weekend. That’s a nice thing to see, especially for a site about such a specific topic. There are another half-million or more pageviews of this site’s content on Seeking Alpha. So it looks like quite a number of people are indeed interested in long-term value/dividend investing.

Poll Results

Last week there was a poll during the weekend reading article. The results are as follows:

-The majority of respondents have over a dozen stocks, and many have 20+.

-Half of respondents have never paid for an investing service. One third does currently pay for an investing service, and the remaining group has paid for one in the past but does not currently pay for any.

-There was some overlap here because multiple answers were allowed, but three-quarters of people would like to be given education and/or tools to pick their own stocks, while half of people would like to be given specific stock ideas to reduce their time spent researching stocks.

-Respondents on average spend more than 20 hours per month researching stocks. The highest report was 100 hours, and many were over 30 hours.

-Around one third of respondents have never bought or sold options and don’t want to, another third has not bought or sold options but would like to learn more about them and specifically about how they can be used from a long-term value perspective perspective, and the last third already buy or sell options.

Here are some brief tutorials from this site:
Covered Call Writing 101
Selling Put Options 101

-Most respondents have read at least 5 investing books. The highest was 120. (I’d like to know how you kept track of that number.)

Thanks for the responses everyone. As I suspected, many readers have solid portfolios and the stock analysis articles are useful for research on buying new stocks or adding to positions. Of course, the survey is going to be skewed towards the most experienced readers, since people that regularly read a blog like this and that would fill out a survey like this probably have very different characteristics than the average of the hundreds of people who arrive here by search engines every day. So if you’re not that experienced yet, that’s what the tutorials and the toolkit are for.

Weekend Reading

I spent some time this week specifically reading blogs that I haven’t followed as closely as others and/or that are less than 1 year old. Many of them reveal stock purchases each month, if you’re looking for investing ideas.

Warren Buffett Book Giveaway
There’s a new book on Warren Buffett called Tap Dancing to Work.

Buffett has been a polarizing figure lately due to his outspoken political beliefs regarding wealthy citizens paying higher taxes. He argues that people with over $1 million in income should be paying at least 30% in taxes. In this hyper-polarized political environment, there are people that strongly agree with him and others that strongly disagree with him.

Regardless, the multi-billionaire investor has a new book out about him, and Dan Mac from Dividend Growth Stock Investing is doing a giveaway that you can enter to win a free copy.

How I Manage My 401(k)
Marvin from Brick by Brick Investing showed how he invests in his 401(k) based on the current Shiller P/E ratio. I like this article because I provided similar reasoning and research in the Dividend Toolkit about this subject.
(Read more about the Shiller P/E here.)

The Secret Ingredient for Retiring Early
FI Fighter talked about early retirement and about how dividend growth investing is a key part in getting there.

80% Savings Rate
Passive Income Pursuit saved more than 80% of his income last month in this report.

Buying These Four Stocks
Compounding Income made four stock purchases in November.

Where I Invested $16,400 in November
All About Interest invested $16,400 in seven stocks last month. He also sold some put options.

Lessons from Business School
Mad Fientist talks about negotiation prowess, barriers to entry, and economic incentives in one big summary post.



  1. Thanks for the mention! That’s crazy that someone had read 120 investment books. I’m over the 10 mark but I’ve started focusing more on the internet to get ideas instead of books because the half price books near me don’t have the books I’d like to get so for now I wait. Unfortunately the library isn’t an option since I’m gone from home too much to be able to return them on time.

    And feel free to do a writeup on Kinder Morgan. It’d be great to get another person’s feel for it.

  2. Always humbling to be mentioned here on this site. Even better is that I’m with good company. Your stock analysis is very professional and in depth. One of these days I plan on being able to provide my analysis and outlook as clearly as you do. Keep up the great work. BTW, I love the Shiller PE Ratio!

  3. Thanks for the mention! I’ll also be looking forward to reading your analysis on KMI, should you elect to do one. It’s nice to know that you are “very bullish” on KMI, as this is one of my larger holdings.

    Have a nice weekend!

    • Matt Alden S. says:

      Well sometimes I’m right and sometimes I’m wrong, but based on the fundamentals and business structures of GP holdings like KMI and ETE, I’m a bull.

  4. Thanks for the mention! I encourage all your readers to go enter the drawing because I think every investor can learn a thing or two from Buffett.

    Congrats on the success of your site! I think you write some great in depth articles that people really enjoy.

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