Weekend Reading 8/12/2011

Dividend Stocks 101: The Essential Guide
If you’re new to the site, check out this key resource.

This has certainly been an interesting few weeks. Volatility gives prudent long term investors opportunities to buy strong companies at good values. It’s preferable to focus on the fundamentals of a company rather than the fluctuating stock price, to invest with a margin of safety, to make conservative assumptions, and to keep assets diversified.

You Should Not Be Losing Sleep Over This Market Crash
Darwin’s Money offers his view of how to deal with this market.

3 Cheap Stocks to Buy
Buy Like Buffett puts forth three stock ideas.

Carnival of Personal Finance 321
A post of mine was included in the Carnival of Personal Finance.

Time To Take Out Your Shopping List
The Informed Observer offers his insights into this market.

A Short Story of Successful Dividend Investing
Dividend Pig presents a real life example of a guy who invested in a dividend stock in the 1990’s and now has made significant returns.

10 Dividend Growth Stocks with a 10% Yield in 10 Years
D4L offers some top dividend growth picks.

Recent Buy
Check to see Dividend Partisan’s latest stock pick.

4 Places to Look for Market-Beating Returns
Planned Freedom offers some places to look for those that utilize reasons over emotion.

Market Outlook and What’s Coming
The Dividend Guy highlights some positives from the second quarter of 2011.



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