Weekend Reading 6/16/2012

Time for some mid-June weekend reading.

Here are some quality articles from other dividend and investing sites for your summer reading pleasure.

Facebook Buyers Deserve to Lose
Andrew Hallam discusses the historical under-performance of IPOs.

My Plan for Prolonged Low Interest Rate Environment
In several currencies around the world, interest rates are historically low. Are you using this as a tailwind or headwind?

My Dividend Crossover Point
Dividend Growth Investor discusses his crossover point- the point where dividend income covers monthly expenses. In two years, he has gone from covering less than 15% of his expenses to covering over 40% of his expenses, with dividend income. Dividends need not be thought of as only for retirement, or only for some benefit in the indefinite future. By earning a strong income, keeping expenses reasonable, and investing the rest into assets such as dividend stocks, you can start to cover your expenses rather quickly.

Closer Look at Vivendi’s Holdings
Defensiven continues to provide good info into Europe’s telecommunications investments.

The U.S. Economy Sitting on the Threshold of a New Golden Age Part1
Chuck Carnevale writes some of the best articles on Seeking Alpha, and this two-part article on a case for bullishness towards America is a good one. While I’m certainly long America, with the bulk of my assets, I’m not quite as optimistic as him, as I explained in my latest newsletter issue, because I feel he glosses over the influence that 30 years of increasing debt has had on the economy. His second part touches on the threshold of new technologies that seem to be coming, which I do agree with. Chuck’s articles are always worth the read, in my view.

Are you an Investor or Speculator?
Kanwal discusses investing vs. speculating.

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  1. Thanks for the mention Matt. If I didn’t have a fat mortgage to pay down, I’d definitely be borrowing to invest. Alas, hopefully I have my house paid off in another 10 years.

    Then, I can REALLY get investing!

    I appreciate the continued blog support.


  2. glad to be mentioned, its fun to see international readers and I suspect many of them come from here:) Enjoyed the IPO-article by Andrew Hallan.

  3. I’m a very new investor and just happened upon your site. I’m really enjoying your thoughtful analyses and valuations of individual companies–many of which I either own or have on my shopping list. do you have any thoughts on LMT, DD, YUM, T, VZ, SYY, NUE, GPC, WAG, BMY, APD? i’m thinking about adding these to my watch list as well.

  4. Thanks for the mention Matt, I really appreciate it!

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