Weekend Reading 4/2/2011

Here’s a recap of my March 2011 posts:
Step 1: Determine Your Goals
6 Long Term Dividend Stocks at Attractive Prices
Step 2: Consider a Yield Target
Becton Dickinson (BDX) Analysis
Minimalist Challenge #5
The Usefulness of Asset Allocation
National Presto (NPK) Analysis
Dividend Stocks 101: The Essential Guide
If you’re new to the site, check out this key resource.

Buffett’s Letter Regarding the Resignation

Why Dividend Stocks Are Evil
A warning by Dividends Value.

Gold Versus Dividend Stocks
Dividend Growth Investor compared gold to income producing assets.

Top 100 Dividend Stocks for April 2011
Intelligent Speculator regular provides this useful list. It’s a long summary of high and moderate yield companies, showing both the yield and the payout ratio (and therefore helpful when looking for a potential bargain, with moderate or high yield and a low or moderate payout ratio).

Will the Playbook Save RIM
Dividend Ninja posts his overview of the smart phone and tablet market.

Hudson Update
Defensiven provided updates on HCBK. His blog has a translate button on the right side.

The Average Percent of Income Donated To Charity
Financial Samurai provides the interesting numbers.

REIT Honor Roll
Dynamic Dividend lists several large REITs for consideration.

5 Reasons to be Bearish on the Markets
Dividend Guy puts forth his opinion on 2011.

Cracker Barrel Analysis
Dividend Pig analyzed Cracker Barrel.

Giving Credit Where Credit Is Due
Andrew Hallam gives credit where credit is due.

Retirement Portfolios For Those Drawing An Income
Invest It Wisely published this guest post on retirement.

Portfolio Analysis
Dividend Partisan puts forth his portfolio of dividend stocks an analyzes the group.

Recent Buy
What is Dividend Mantra buying?



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  2. Thanks Matt! Loved your post about the “Six Long Term Dividend Stocks at Attractive Prices”

  3. Thanks for the mention, Matt!

  4. Thanks for the link Matt!

    I enjoyed reading Buffett’s letter. Very interesting.

  5. Great list of links Matt!

    I have to get caught up after being away this weekend in Toronto.


  6. Good links and thanks for mentioning defensiven.

    Ive noticed that the navigation doesnt work very well in translator mode. So if im lucky enough to get mentioned again I would appreciate if u linked directly to the english post!

  7. Defensiven,

    Sure, I can link to your English articles. The reason I have not been doing that is that, the URL of the English posts is translate.google.com/…..etc rather than a link to your site defensiven. For the purposes of providing you with a recognized link for SEO purposes, I wanted to link directly to your site.

    But if you think it’s better to link directly to the English translations, I’ll do that from now on.

  8. good point but Im willing to sacrifice some data for increased readability. Thanks

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