Weekend Reading 3/23/2012

Here are several great reads from around the web this week for dividend stocks and other topics:

Why a Short ETF Won’t Protect You
First, here’s a great post by Monevator. Whether you’re into ETFs or not, this is a great read, because it shows how something that seems simple on the surface can be misleading.

Expensive Clothes are an Investment
Another excellent article; this one by Money Mamba. He referenced an article by the Economist that explained controlled experiments wherein people with branded clothing were rated as better interview candidates or were given more charitable donations than the same people who wore identical clothing without the brand. Then he followed this up by using DCF analysis to show what an investment in an article of clothing can be worth over a lifetime.

What’s your REAL Inflation Rate?
Darwin’s Money talks about how the real cost of his living has gone up faster than reported figures.

7 Dividend Stocks with Five Star Ratings
D4L uses a highly quantitative and standardized approach to rate dividend stocks on a 1-5 star rating. Five is the highest. Have a look at this post to see some of the stocks that were assigned five starts. The first two on his list were mentioned in my March dividend newsletter edition and are in my portfolio.

Should Asset Allocation Change Over Time?
Oblivious Investor discussed risk and changing asset allocation.

Don’t Forget You’re Getting Older
Along similar lines, Andrew Hallam talked about how over the last five years, he increased the bond component of this sample portfolio from 33% to 38% to match his age. He also shows his returns based on this index portfolio.

If you haven’t read Andrew’s book, check out my review.

Colgate Stock Analysis
Dividend Growth Investor analyzed Colgate. I’m slightly surprised by his conclusion.

Lastly, three fellow bloggers recently bought or added to positions in high-yielding telecommunication companies.

Recent Buy
Which telecom is Dividend Mantra buying?

High Return from European’s Telecom Giants
Hit the translate button on his site, and see what Defensiven has been buying in the telecom space.

Is Apple About to Ignite a Profit Center for Wireless Carriers?
Sigma Swan discussed wireless tailwinds.

I highlight these telecom articles in particular because I’m going to be talking about tech in my next newsletter edition in approximately 1 week, and not just about tech, but about the industries that tech affects.

Due to increased data consumption (both mobile and through physical lines due to Software as a Service and media), telecoms can sometimes run into reliability issues or capital expenditures that can keep margins or yields from growing at a desirable pace in the short term, but over the long term, more bandwidth should mean more profits. It’s a slow and steady high-yielding industry with some consistent tailwinds.

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  1. thanks for the mention, Im writing on a followup with some added info like solidity and ROA. Looking forward to read about your view on telecoms!

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