Weekend Reading 3/16/2012

I’ll be analyzing two big dividend-paying tech companies next week (you can probably guess what they are), since my upcoming dividend newsletter edition set to come out in two weeks or so will focus on some large cap tech stocks, and also their impact on some lower-tech companies.

Here are some good articles for you for the week.

Dividend Stocks 101: The Essential Guide
If you’re new to the site, check out this key resource.

Medtronic Analysis
D4L analyzed Medtronic and determined that it was a 5-star very strong stock.

A 100% Dividend Portfolio is Safe
Mike from the Dividend Guy posted an article about how a portfolio of 100% dividend stocks is safe. Do you agree, or no?

Building my Portfolio for Retirement with Dividends and Bonds
The Dividend Ninja posted an article about investing in dividend stocks combined with bond ETFs.

Buying What you Know Makes Sense
My Own Advisor disagreed with an expert, and wrote about the benefits of buying what you know.

Recent Buy
Check to see what blue-chip company Dividend Mantra bought on a dip. It’s one of my holdings as well.

Pay the Mortgage or Invest More?
Mr. Money Mustache posted an article discussing various views on whether one should pay down a mortgage with a low-interest rate based on the history that stocks offer much greater returns than those low interest rates. Good read.

RoA vs. Capex%
I link to Defensiven’s translated home page. Take a look at his article on Return on Assets and Capital Expenditure Percentage. He also added a deep value pick to his collection of American and European dividend-paying portfolio holdings, so check out what it is.

5 Interesting Canadian Dividend Stocks to Consider
Sustainable Personal Finance provided 5 stock ideas from up north.

Ultimate Sustainable Dividend Portfolio
Intelligent Speculator follows a set of 20 dividend companies set to reliably grow dividends, and tracks the performance.

Carnival of Personal Finance
A creative blog carnival edition.

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  1. Thanks for the mention Matt! I look forward to the newsletter!

  2. Intel and Microsoft is my guess!:) Thanks for the mention, i am writing a followup were I calculate historical returns on investments and compare this with the ROA.

    • Yep, Intel and Microsoft it is.

      IBM would have been another candidate, but I analyzed that not too long ago.

  3. Thanx for the mention! :)

  4. Thanks for the mention Matt! Much appreciated.

    I was going to throw my vote in for MSFT and INTC, but I see defensiven beat me to the punch. Looking forward to your analysis on both. I am not the biggest MSFT cheerleader, but I was seriously considering initiating a position before it had that big pop. Still looks attractive, but less so. INTC is in the same boat in my eyes; still looks attractive compared to the market, but less so than before it experienced its pop before MSFT.

    Have a great weekend!

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