Weekend Reading 2/25/2012

Dividend Stock Newsletter:
I recently launched a dividend growth newsletter. Hundreds of people have signed up, and I’ll be publishing the first issue in early March. To be clear, there will be material in the newsletter that isn’t on the blog. So it’s “exclusive” content, but you can be included for free. You can sign up here:

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In the meantime, you may notice I’m doing some graphic design work on my site. I’ve streamlined the layout, simplified the sidebar, and removed some ads and clutter. I’m still doing some testing, so if you see things change from time to time for a little while, that’s why.

Dividend Stocks 101: The Essential Guide
If you’re new to the site, check out this key resource.

Some ‘Tips’ for Dividend Growth Investors
David van Knapp discusses Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities, and compares them to dividend growth stocks. It’s a very balanced and factual article.

Pepsico: Better Value than Coke
Dividend Growth Investor analyzed Pepsico and determined that it’s more attractively priced than The Coca Cola Company is. He owns both.

21 Stocks Raising their Dividends
D4L posted dividend growth updates. Some good ones in there; Abbott and Chubb, for instance.

Recent Sale
Dividend Mantra sold a stock from his portfolio. Find out which popular company it was.

Tired of Low Interest Rates? Here’s an Alternative.
Six Figure Investor provides an alternative to bonds in the form of REIT preferreds.

Closing Your DRIPs and Transferring to a Brokerage
My Own Advisor provides some useful facts.

Money Tips Newsletter
The Passive Income Earner also launched a newsletter, and his is called “Money Tips”. Have a look.

Beware Declining Natural Gas Prices
Beating the Index is the source to look at for energy stocks.

When Issuing a Dividend Can be Dangerous
A guest poster on Dividend Ninja explained a few instances where paying a dividend is irresponsible.

Portfolio Update
See where Defensiven is investing.



  1. Ill grab that natural gas link!

    Thanks for the mention of defensiven. If you want you could update the link as it seems to lead to the startpage and not the specific article. The translator tool can be messy.. It seems like one have to open an article in its own window to get the specific link.

    • Ok, I switched in the new link.

      I’ll try what you said in the future- about opening up the page in a separate window. I’ve had the issue before regarding linking to individual posts on your site with the translator, what was why I was linking to your untranslated site for a while and reminding readers that there’s a translate button.

  2. Thanks for the mention!

    I’m looking forward to your newsletter Matt. You’ve got great content on this site, and looking forward to what the newsletter has in store :)

    Stay in touch often,

  3. Matt, thanx for the mention! :)

  4. Matt,

    Thanks for including me! Much appreciated.

    Like others, I’m also greatly looking forward to your newsletter. It’s a great service that you’re providing!

    Have a great weekend.

  5. DM, thanks for the mention.

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