Weekend Reading 12/18/2010

Dividend Stocks 101: The Essential Guide
If you’re new to the site, check out this key resource.

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Abbott Labs Dividend Stock Analysis
The Dividend Pig analyzed Abbott, one of my portfolio holdings. It’s from last month, but it’s a great analysis.

This Man Made $4 Billion and Paid Less Taxes Than You
In addition to the above post, another recent post from Buy Like Buffett is why index investing will not work for the next decade.

What the Tax Cut Extension Means For You
Financial Samurai provided some info regarding the recent US tax cut extension.

3 Profitable Ways to Invest in 2011
Beating the Index offers his ideas of low risk, medium risk, and high risk Canadian investment ideas.

Total: Stable with Exposure to Africa
Defensiven provided a lengthy analysis of the major energy company Total, one of his portfolio holdings.

Sustainable Personal Finance
Have a look at this fairly new blog.

Investment Club Update
Andrew Hallem posts an update of his impressive investing performance.

2011 Dividend Aristocrats
Dividends Value provides info about the updated Dividend Aristocrats list, which, among other changes, includes the addition of McCormick and the removal of Eli Lilly.

McCormick Dividend Stock Analysis
Speaking of McCormick, you can check Dividend Growth Investor’s recent analysis of this spice company.

Dividend Stock Evaluations
Dynamic Dividends offers a weekly list of stock evaluations, and he’s got nine new ones this week. While you’re at it, check his updated Value Rankings list.

Dividends and Dividend Yields
Momvesting provided a great article on the basic definitions for dividends. They’ve also got high quality articles on a variety of other subjects this week.

5 Responsible Ways to Use Credit Cards
Invest it Wisely offers some good scenarios for responsible usage of credit cards.

Why to Worry about Big Pharma In Your Portfolio
Intelligent Speculator offered a word of caution about Big Pharma and it’s role in your portfolio.

Chevron Stock Analysis
The Dividend Guy analyzed my favorite energy holding, Chevron.



  1. Thanks for the mention DividendMonk! Much appreciated.

  2. Im one of the 540 fine subscribers, its a good service:) Good post there about Big pharma.

  3. Thank you for including MomVesting. You have a great blog here, and it was very nice to be included in your weekend reading post. :)

  4. Great list of reads, Dividend Monk! Thanks for including me among them :)

  5. Thanks Dividend Monk!Good roundup! I found the Big Pharma post a very interesting read.


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