Weekend Reading 12/15/2012

Here are some useful resources from around the web this week.

Investing Trends

The chart below shows the organic daily search volume for this website, over a nearly 3 year period. I find it interesting from a research perspective into what people search for, at what times.

Because it’s only search traffic, it factors out the traffic from people typing in the domain name directly (except for people that type in https://www.dividendmonk.com into the google search bar rather than the address bar by mistake, which 637 people have done), and factors out the referral traffic that I get from other websites. So this means, it basically takes out the short term variable of my posting schedule, since the number of times I post and my search traffic are not related over a short period. So besides the long-term growth due to building the site over time, the chart is a pretty pure view of behavior patterns for people searching for investment material.

Search volume finding Dividend Monk:
Search Traffic

The choppy up and down motion is due to fewer people searching every weekend, which most websites experience. There are other reasonable things as well- a sharp dip during the Christmas/New Years period, and a mild longer dip during the summer when people are presumably doing things that are more fun than reading financial material online.

But what I find interesting is the traffic spike that occurs like clockwork at the transition between late November and early December every year. Search volumes are generally pretty high in January and February, which might be related to New Year’s resolutions, figuring out how to financially recover from an expensive holiday season, and things like that.

But a regular early December spike? What’s causing that? I don’t know the answer, but if I was an advertiser for personal finance or investing products or services, I’d probably focus my efforts during that time. Maybe you have some ideas for the comment section about what causes an early December spike in traffic for an investing website.

Weekend Reading:

Dividend Income Update
Mark from MyOwnAdvisor.ca is up to around $6,300 in annual dividend income.

Roth IRA Info
If you’re under the income limit for Roth IRAs, this is a good article on the changes for 2013.

Interview of Dividend Monk
DividendStockAnalysis.com (run by the Dividend Guy blogger), interviewed me for an article. I somehow squeeze Greek Mythology into a set of investing questions, because why not? Another topic covered is my previous experience of investing in Chinese small-caps.

This is One Slick Dividend Stock
D4L offers some investing ideas for companies that are raising their dividends.

Analysis of J.M. Smucker
Dividend Growth Investor analyzed Smuckers, and determined it was slightly overvalued. I agree with that assessment.

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  1. That is one interesting run chart. Odd that December has some spikes. I wonder if it has to do with folks both scrambling at the end of the year to organize themselves financially and starting to look ahead for the New Year, as you mentioned; focus on resolutions.

    I can think of little else….

    Thanks for the mention.

    As you know, I still owe you a review of your Toolkit, which I am working on this weekend. That is very comprehensive!

    Regarding the dividend income, slowly but surely, it’s rising as long as those stocks that have paid dividends for decades in Canada continue to pay them. My goal for 2013 is $8,000. It’s aggressive but I think I can get there.


  2. Love the 3 year chart. It’s great to see how hard work can pay off. Your site has grown tremendously over the years. Keep on providing the great content!

  3. Thank you for highlighting my analysis of Smucker. If the stock declines, it would be a good addition to my DG portfolio. Until then, there are other fish in the sea.

  4. good job man. It’s nice to see this progress. I will try on my own to emulate it :-) I’ve been trying for some time and see slow growth as well. Thanks for posting great posts about dividend investing, it is a great inspiration.

  5. FWIW, I do web analytics for a large consumer and pet packaged food company and almost all of our brands had traffic spikes between 12/3 and 12/5, independent of advertising spend. I think it is more than desire to learn about investing or pet & consumer foods.

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