Buffett’s New Business and Weekend Reading 2/16/2013

Unless you don’t read or watch much financial news (which honestly might not be such a bad idea for the most part), you may have heard that Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway with the help of 3G Capital has purchased the Heinz Company (as in the ketchup).

This has been stated to be the largest acquisition ever in this industry.

The deal is worth over $23 billion, which was roughly a 20% premium to the existing stock price. I find this interesting, because I wouldn’t have called Heinz a particularly cheap stock, and this pushes up the P/E to nearly 23. For a company with a dividend yield of under 3.5% and a dividend growth rate of under 7.5%, a P/E ratio of well into the 20’s is a bit on the high side.

On the other hand, the returns for Berkshire are practically guaranteed to be decent at least, and this is exactly Buffett’s type of company. They produce the dominant ketchup brand along with some other diversified food products, and now they’ll have the financial support of being in the Berkshire Hathaway conglomerate.

The news pushed up the prices of other stocks in the industry a bit, like General Mills, Campbell Soup, and Smucker’s, due to speculation about further consolidation in this industry. An advantage of owning smaller blue chip stocks is that they can potentially be bought out for large premiums, so for stocks like Smucker’s, Church and Dwight, and Hasbro, I would never be particularly surprised if I woke up to news of one of them being bought out by a larger company.

Weekend Reading

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  1. Hi DM! Thanks for the mention! It would be interesting to find out how many dividend investors are actually engineers. Have a nice week-end! TDE

  2. Matt,

    Thanks a lot for mentioning me! I am posting an article tomorrow on Heinz. The gist of it is that the stock is trading ok at 20 times 2012 earnings ( $3.52/share). If you are buying the whole business, i guess a premium is justified. But I think that they would get decent growth, and rising cashflows for decades to come.

  3. Matt,

    Thanks for including me! Always appreciated. I’ve gotta get back to posting some weekend round-ups myself. Life has a habit of getting in the way!

    Enjoyed the interview with Van Knapp! Good stuff there. I’ve looked at TGH before, but surprised to see it show up as one of the three picks. The consistent negative cash flow and stressed balance sheet has kept me away so far.

    Hope you’re having a great weekend!

    Best wishes!

  4. Thanks for including me Matt!

    I expect more consolidation going forward.

    Another smart move by The Oracle.

    On another note, I suspect by their analytical nature, most engineers make good investors.

    I’m a chemist by trade :-)


  5. Great articles here, thanks for sharing!

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